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Birds of Paradise

May 3-September 1, 2014 Special Exhibits Gallery
birdsofparadiseoriginalAn elegant example of extreme evolution, New Guinea’s birds-of-paradise show off their feathery flair during elaborate mating rituals. In this special exhibit based on the groundbreaking research of photographer Tim Laman and Cornell ornithologist Edwin Scholes, visitors will behold the birds’ cinematic courtship dances, puffed-out plumage, wild calls, and bizarre behaviors through engaging video, photography, soundscapes, specimens, and the chance to learn signature bird moves in a unique dance-off for the whole family. Laman and Scholes made 18 expeditions over eight years to one of the world’s most pristine environments to reveal all 39 species of these elusive birds for the first time. The exhibit includes mounted specimens, study skins and a fancy hat from the Academy’s world-class collections. Birds of Paradise has been co-developed by the National Geographic Society and the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.