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M – Museum Leuven announces Gerard Herman Anger Ram Herd

M – Museum Leuven presents Gerard Herman Anger Ram Herd open M – Museum Leuven announces Gerard Herman Anger Ram HerdNovember 28, 2013–March 23, 2014.

The work of Belgian artist Gerard Herman (b. 1989, Ghent) is difficult to pigeonhole in a single genre or medium. Generally speaking, his everyday life and environment form the point of departure of his graphic work, installations, performances, audio compositions, animated films and radio broadcasts.

By using his mother tongue and an indispensable measure of humour, his works appear to offer bite-sized responses to human experiences like failure and success. And yet, they are not definitive: each work is merely an impulse that may generate further meanings.

Anger Ram Herd is Gerard Herman’s first solo museum exhibition. The title is an anagram of his name and in that sense accords with his fascination for language and wordplay. Besides texts, the artist also associates music with his own visual language, giving his work a poetic and multi-layered quality.

For Anger Ram Herd, Gerard Herman created almost exclusively new work, tailored to the exhibition rooms at M. The exhibition thus opens a new chapter in an artistic practice that constantly reinvents itself.

Curator: Valerie Verhack

M – Museum Leuven
L. Vanderkelenstraat 28
3000 Leuven