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Folkestone Triennial 2014

Creative Foundationannounce the dates of Folkestone Triennial 2014, which will return for its third edition and be held over a nine-week period from 30 August to 2 November 2014. Lewis Biggs will curate Folkestone Triennial 2014 under the title Lookout.

Folkestone Harbour. Courtesy Creative Foundation
Folkestone Harbour. Courtesy Creative Foundation

The lookout has always been an important part of Folkestone’s history as a port. The people of Folkestone have looked out to sea, from its humble beginnings as a Roman fishing village, to a wealthy trade port in the thirteenth century and the main embarkation point for soldiers fighting in the First World War. The lookout is the person who sees what is coming over the horizon. It is also the structure from which one keeps watch. The act of looking out demands that one takes up a physical position in order to get a perspective on the future.

Internationally recognised contemporary artists have been invited to engage with Folkestone’s rich cultural history and the town’s built environment. They will exhibit newly commissioned work in public spaces around the town. Some of these will become permanent additions to the landscape, alongside works from the previous two editions of the Triennial in 2008 and 2011. By inviting people to consider the art in its context, Folkestone Triennial will offer a new perspective on the town and on global futures, as well as establishing a lasting legacy that aims to continue the regeneration of Folkestone as a cultural destination and a place to live, work, visit and study.

Lewis Biggs said: “Visitors to Lookout will be physically and emotionally transported to glimpse different perspectives on the future through an array of fabulous new artworks. They will be invited to reflect on the artists’ hopes and fears about universal issues: the gap between rich and poor, climate and environment, demography and migration, sustainability, regeneration, technology and communication, urban design, social engineering, food security and all the other aspects of our daily lives that are changing ever faster. With a population of just 45,000, Folkestone can be a lens through which we look out at the world and question what’s happening now and what’s coming next.”

Further details, including information about the artists commissioned for Folkestone Triennial, will be announced in March 2014.

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