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In 2014, Haus der Kunst continues proposing—to a broader, intergenerational public—the idea that the museum is not only a place to encounter art. It’s also one where the personal meaning of art—a painting, sculpture, photograph, video, sound, human voice—can resonate and inspire fresh thinking, shape a new perspective, or provoke insight into how art connects people to the everyday world.

Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler, River Of Fundament, 2014. Production still. Photo: Chris Winget.
Matthew Barney and Jonathan Bepler, River Of Fundament, 2014. Production still. Photo: Chris Winget.
Pictures in Time. Goetz Collection at Haus der Kunst
January 25–June 15, 2014
The works selected for this presentation dedicated to the connection between video and painting all contain references to still-life painting, to abstraction, or to the tableau vivant format. The presentation includes works by Peter Fischli / David Weiss, Cyrill Lachauer, Seth Price, Kathrin Sonntag, Sam Taylor-Wood, and others, and is curated by Patrizia Dander.

Abraham Cruzvillegas:
The Autoconstrucción Suites
January 25–May 25
Cruzvillegas’s dynamic sculptural language melds natural materials and found objects, converging the space between art and craft, the manufactured and the handmade. For Cruzvillegas, sculptural form is a process of change, action, solidarity, and transformation. The exhibition, curated by Clara Kim, is the first major survey of his artistic career to be presented in Europe. Abraham Cruzvillegas: The Autoconstrucción Suites is organized by the Walker Art Center, Minneapolis, USA, and presented by Haus der Kunst.

Ellen Gallagher: AxME
February 28–July 13
This survey exhibition takes an overview of Gallagher’s practice, exploring the themes which have emerged and recurred from her seminal early canvases, to her ‘wigmap’ grid collages, through to recent film installations and new bodies of work; it has had its premiere at Tate Modern, London in autumn 2013.

Archive Gallery
Opening: March 8
The Archive Gallery at Haus der Kunst is a new interdisciplinary research and exhibition format. The Archive Gallery is meant as the visible memory of the turbulent history and the complex historical process that has made Haus der Kunst what it is today, and which continues to affect its present. Curated by Sabine Brantl and Ulrich Wilmes, it is a pilot project focused on teaching and research.

Matthew Barney: River of Fundament
March 17–August 17
Since 2007, Matthew Barney has been developing in collaboration with the Berlin-based American composer Jonathan Bepler an artistic opus inspired by American author Norman Mailer and his sprawling, controversial novel Ancient Evenings (1983). The project coalesces into the most complex and ambitious bodies of work that Barney has made to date, comprising thirteen new and recent large-scale sculptures, as well as related drawings, photography, and an epic symphonic film. With River of Fundament, Barney concludes seven years of intense meditation on the nature of death, rebirth, transformation, and transcendence.

Haus der Kunst and Bayerische Staatsoper will present the European premiere of Matthew Barney: River of Fundament. The exhibition at Haus der Kunst and the film screening at the opera house will comprise the totality of the multi-part Ancient Evenings project. The exhibition is curated by Okwui Enwezor and will occupy over 2,000 square meters of exhibition space.

Stan Douglas
June 21–October 12
The exhibition presents a selection of Stan Douglas most recent large-scale photographies. Unlike his early documentary works, Douglas now explores historical issues such as emancipation movements, based on the example of Vancouver in Crowds and Riots (2008), or cultural phenomena based on the example of disco music in Disco Angola (2012). For Midcentury Studio (2010–11), the artist slipped into the role of a fictional documentary photographer to portray his hometown of Vancouver in the years following World War II. Douglas has broken fresh ground with the theater production of Helen Lawrence: The actors’ performance will be filmed on stage in Munich and the film is instantaneously inserted into a computer-generated setting. Helen Lawrence will run as a guest performance at the theater Münchner Kammerspiele. The exhibition is a collaboration between the Carré d’Art in Nimes and the Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin. León Krempel is curator of the exhibition at Haus der Kunst, Munich.

Slapstick. Goetz Collection at Haus der Kunst
June 27, 2014–early January, 2015
Slapstick encourages the audience to laugh at things that, seen from a different vantage point, are often the opposite of funny. It creates a moral-free situation in which the audience reacts according to instinct. Works such as King by Olaf Breuning or Hungry Hungry Hippoes by Nathalie Djurberg clearly show that many situations only appear funny to certain participants. The exhibition Slapstick presents works by Francis Alys, Rodney Graham, Robin Rhode, Jochen Kuhn, Mike Kelley and others.

Georg Baselitz
September 19, 2014–February 1, 2015
The renewal and critical reflection of his own work has always been a defining feature in the art of Georg Baselitz. In the past decade, the new interpretation of programmatic works—set against a new temporal background—has assumed a more dominant role. In the “Remix” series, the artist thus revisits earlier paintings, such as The Great Friends or The Great Piss Up, in a dynamic process. Here, Baselitz appropriates the motifs using a very different formal approach that virtually contradicts the original versions’ significant features. In this sense, the “Black Paintings,” produced since late 2012, appear as a logical consequence in which the pendulum of the analytical penetration of one’s own actions swings into the opposing remote realm of one’s own being.

The exhibition at Haus der Kunst is curated by Ulrich Wilmes and presents this new series of works alongside sculptures that were created during the same period as well as related and complementary examples from 1978 to today.

Der Öffentlichkeit – Von den Freunden Haus der Kunst
Anri Sala
October 17, 2014–September 20, 2015
Der Öffentlichkeit — Von den Freunden Haus der Kunst is a project by Haus der Kunst, realized with generous funding by the Friends of Haus der Kunst. The annual art commission is grounded in the idea of the central role that art and artists play in global debates. Haus der Kunst is pleased to announce Anri Sala for the 2014/2015 annual commission.

‘Capsule’ exhibitions
October 24, 2014–January 11, 2015
Haus der Kunst inaugurates a new program of focused one-gallery exhibitions that explore recent developments amongst a generation of emerging international artists. The goal of the Capsule Exhibition series is to engage audiences in the production of new work by artists at critical points of artistic breakthrough in their careers. Launching the series in 2014 are two artists who explore concepts of narrative, time, space, and the production of social identity.

Tilo Schulz’s architectural- and narrative-based work departs from a newly written new scenic piece that turns attention to the previously overlooked literary part of his oeuvre. Through his multimedia works, the French-Algerian artist Mohamed Bourouissa (born 1978) investigates strategies of subjectivation and representation that reside in the social, cultural, and economical margins of society.