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Stonehenge exhibition and visitor centre opens

The new Stonehenge exhibition and visitor centre opens on Wednesday 18 December. For the first time, visitors will have a proper introduction to one of the world’s most important prehistoric monuments. Over 250 objects of […]

ChesAdventures begins January 11 at CBMM

The Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum’s (CBMM) ChesAdventures program begins January 11 and brings Chesapeake themed, hands-on activities and a take-home art project to children four to nine years old. The six-session program continues on Saturdays […]

American Art Museum Acquires Video Games

The American Art Museum has acquired two video games for its permanent collection, “Flower” (2009) by Jenova Chen and Kellee Santiago of thatgamecompany and “Halo 2600” (2010) by Ed Fries. These acquisitions build upon the […]