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Kunsthal Charlottenborg presents Working Title: A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX

Kunsthal Charlottenborg celebrates the Danish artist group XXXXXXXXX’s 20th anniversary with an unconventional retrospective exhibition. Eight internationally renowned curators are presenting eight simultaneous XXXXXXXXX exhibitions—and one of the exhibition concepts bans both Charlottenborg and the artist group itself from using the name XXXXXXXXX.

Eight retrospective exhibitions by XXXXXXXXX
In co-operation with XXXXXXXXX, Kunsthal Charlottenborg has chosen an unconventional approach to the concept of ​​a retrospective exhibition: Eight international curators and curator teams have been invited to provide their own suggestions for a retrospective exhibition of XXXXXXXXX. In combination, the eight resulting exhibitions constitute Working Title: A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX. All of the artist group’s works and projects over the years have been made ​​available to the curators, and the exhibition is presenting more than 100 works on the first floor of Kunsthal Charlottenborg. Consequently, this is the largest-ever exhibition by XXXXXXXXX. There will be an opportunity to experience both a large number of older iconic works such as Supergas (1996), Foreigners, please don’t leave us alone with the Danes (2002) and Free Beer (2004), as well as works of more recent date, such as Flooded McDonalds (2009), Free Sol Lewitt (2010) and Bankrupt Banks (2012).

The eight curators of Working Title: A Retrospective Curated by XXXXXXXXX are:
Yuko Hasegawa (JP), Eungie Joo (US), Toke Lykkeberg (DK), Lisa Rosendahl (SE) & Daniel McClean (UK), Adriano Pedrosa (BR), Agustín Pérez Rubio (ES), Hilde Teerlinck (BE) and Rirkrit Tiravanija (TH/US).

The curators have at no time been aware of each other’s concepts, and several works have been selected by more than one curator. These works therefore appear several times. The eight exhibitions have a wide range and focus on various aspects of the artistic practice of XXXXXXXXX, from the artist group’s early interest in branding and corporate identity (Toke Lykkeberg) to working with others as a central working method (Agustín Pérez Rubio) and projects which, for example for reasons of copyright law, have been censored and prevented from being realised (Rirkrit Tiravanija). Lisa Rosendahl & Daniel McClean have on the other hand chosen to use one of XXXXXXXXX’ own tools to create a new work: Charlottenborg Contract (2013). The contract referred to in the title of the work states that Kunsthal Charlottenborg may not at any time mention the artist group’s name, neither in writing nor in speech, until the end of the exhibition period, e.g. in press releases, websites, catalogues, guided tours, advertising, etc. The contract is reminiscent of a controversial contract that XXXXXXXXX signed with the Royal Theatre in Copenhagen, whose staff were not allowed to use words like “ticket,” “instructor,” or “performance” for a period in 2007.

Information about the artists
XXXXXXXXX has been in existence since 1993 and consists of Bjørnstjerne Reuter Christiansen (b. 1969), Jakob Fenger (b. 1968) and Rasmus Nielsen (b. 1969). The group describe their projects and works as tools—in a form that can be activated and often changed by the audience, the users. The group’s multifaceted artistic practice is characterized by a continuing interest in exploring social, political and cultural conditions. XXXXXXXXX creates their own game rules and humorously and intelligently challenge accepted conventions in relation to, for example, copyright, power structures, design and finances. Throughout their career, a hallmark of the group has been their working method of co-operating with others, whether artists, professionals from other fields, or local users.

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