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Betonsalon – Center for art and research 2014 program

In 2014, Bétonsalon – Center for art and research is celebrating its ten year anniversary, with a program following different time spans, in cooperation with various local, national and international organizations.


The Secession Sessions
A project by Eric Baudelaire with Maxim Gvinjia
January 9–March 8, 2014
Opening: Wednesday January 8, 6–9pm

“Abkhazia is something of a paradox: a country that exists, in the physical sense of the word (a territory with borders, a government, a flag and a language), yet it has no legal existence because for almost twenty years it was not recognized by any other nation state. And so Abkhazia exists without existing, caught in a liminal space, a space in between realities. Which is why my letter to Max was something of a message in a bottle thrown at sea.”
–Eric Baudelaire

Scenography: Est-ce ainsi
Graphic design: Camille Baudelaire

This exhibition is a co-production of Bétonsalon – Center of art and research; Bergen Kunsthall; Argos, Center for Art and Media and UC Berkeley Art Museum and Pacific Film Archive (BAM/PFA). In partnership with Kadist Art Foundation. Lost Letters to Max has received support from the Image/Movement grant from Centre national des arts plastiques.

Karthik Pandian
March–June 2014
“The butterfly in the chrysalis is not only blinded but also suspended, weightless. I imagine it’s an experience not altogether unlike floating in a sensory deprivation tank, which is something I’ve been doing in lieu of going to the studio. The films I work on in there are like a cinema of pure potential—timeless, edgeless, disembodied. An effort to accumulate instead of expend intensity. An attempt to commune with sheer negativity that perhaps draws us closer to being. The purest light is the imagined light, the one that emanates from our consciousness, projected into the void.”
–Karthik Pandian

In collaboration with the Centre international d’accueil et d’échanges des Récollets and the City of Paris.

Camille Henrot
September–December 2014
This project aims at developing a critical reflection on the human need to shape an organized and unified vision of the universe, by focusing on cultures, practices and sciences that have historically adopted the extraordinary if not utopian purpose of synthesizing all human knowledge into one singular object. Emphasizing the tensions between oral tradition and the accumulation of objects, rationality and irrationality, and between disorder and the will to organize, Camille Henrot tries to distort the imagination and to point out the fact that universe and mankind overflow representation.

This exhibition is commissioned and produced in partnership with Chisenhale Gallery, London; Kunsthal Charlottenborg, Copenhagen and Westfälischer Kunstverein, Münster.

And also

Laëtitia Badaut Haussmann
October 2013–April 2014
A workshop with MA cinema students from Paris 7 University led in partnership with the Kandinsky Library (Centre Pompidou MNAM-CCI).

34 Short Stories
Spring 2014
An anthology co-published by Bétonsalon – Center for art and research and Beaux-Arts de Paris Editions. With the support of the Fondation d’entreprise Ricard and the Maison Rouge – Foundation antoine de galbert.

Shared Letters
All year long
A lending library initiated by Katinka Bock & castillo/corrales.

Bétonsalon – Center for art and research is supported by the City of Paris, the Department of Paris, the Paris Diderot University, the Île-de-France Regional Board of Cultural Affairs – Ministry of Culture and communication, Île-de-France Regional Council and Leroy Merlin (quai d’Ivry). Bétonsalon – Center for art and research is a member of tram, réseau art contemporain Paris / Île-de-France, and of d.c.a / the French association for the development of art centers.

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