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Daelim Museum presents Ryan McGinley Magic Magnifier

Daelim Museum presents Ryan McGinley Magic Magnifier an exhibition on view through 23 February 2014.

Ryan McGinley, Dakota (Hair), 2004. C-print, 102 x 76 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Team Gallery, New York.
Ryan McGinley, Dakota (Hair), 2004. C-print, 102 x 76 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Team Gallery, New York.
Daelim Museum brings together emerging and acknowledged artistic works within our everyday life while informing their values through exhibitions. Looking at McGinley’s past 14 years of works, including the works that first got him into the Whitney, this exhibition introduces his exemplary photography series documenting the inner conflict, passion, and deviation in youth with such honesty.

Ryan McGinley was one of the youngest artists to have a solo exhibition at the Whitney Museum of American Art at the age of 25. He was influenced by many subcultures; skateboarders, graffiti writers, musicians and artists, and his personal experience of daily activity in downtown were reflected in his photos, magnifying a sense of reality. His works have been exhibited in world-established museums and galleries worldwide including MoMA PS1, the National Portrait Gallery, and Kunsthalle in Vienna. In recent years, he has extended his work scope to magazines, fashion labels, advertising photography and film.

All of McGinley’s work series are presented together inceptively at this exhibition, including his early documentation of the liberal life in New York, the “Road Trips” series, where he photographed a trip across the States capturing the otherworldly landscape that young generations dream about; his “Animals” series, showing the communication between humans and animals, and the black and white portrait series, consisting of only his studio-based images. Additionally, the exhibition provides his first music video film that he produced for Sigur Rós, the Icelandic post-rock band.

Representing a new approach, his photos focused not only on being restricted to a negative view of society, but by creating shock and sensation in exposing the desire and liberation of youth. Embracing nature as freedom, and capturing a sense of release, his photographic works will transport an idealized, weightless state of freedom and innocence, unburdened by age, worries and anxiety in the space of light, color and energy.

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