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Frankfurter Kunstverein announces Being Here & Being Thus. Sculpture, Object & Stage

Frankfurter Kunstverein presents Being Here & Being Thus. Sculpture, Object & Stage on January 24–April 13, 2014.

Sculpture is undergoing a period of transition. Today many exciting ways of working have developed that span the once clearly defined poles of sculptures displayed on pedestals and context-based installations. These contemporary propositions are posited between “sculpture,” “object,” and “stage,” presenting new challenges to the functional view of the material world. The exhibition Being Here & Being Thus. Sculpture, Object & Stage includes works by nine artists from Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Switzerland, and the US who are concerned with various aspects of sculpture. They combine processes such as montage, the manipulation of scale, and installation and rework or arrange things, objects, and materials as a means of either enhancing or negating their aesthetic and narrative qualities.

Some of the works of the exhibition will appear to the viewer as physical correspondences or as life-like counterparts. Others will be composed from objects, of which the original purpose can still be identified. A third group takes the form of spatial arrangements that viewers can enter and engage with as a central component of the work. All exhibited works have character, expressiveness, and immense presence, referring thereby to nothing beyond themselves. Through their physicality they naturally assert their being and way of being, their “being thus.” A number of the works on view have been produced specifically for the exhibition.

Participating artists: Maria Anisimowa (DE/RU), Peter Buggenhout (BE), Sandra Havlicek (DE), Sofia Hultén (SE), Sabine Kuehnle (DE), Thomas Moecker (DE), Simon Rübesamen (DE), Michael E. Smith (USA), Andrea Winkler (CH)

Curated by Lilian Engelmann and Holger Kube Ventura.

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