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New Museum announces R&D Season: VOICE

Organized by the New Museum’s Department of Education and Public Engagement, R&D (Research and Development) Seasons connect various projects across multiple platforms around a new organizing theme each fall and spring. The spring 2014 R&D Season theme is VOICE.

Beginning January 2014, this R&D Season leads an investigative examination of voice via a range of activities. Anchored by residencies with two artists—Jeanine Oleson and Brooke O’Harra—and introducing a new Seminar Series, the R&D Season mines voice for its multiple dimensions, including utterance, affective declaration, political speech, the destabilization of language, communication as agency, and cultural translation. Utilized as a means by which to consider such varied concepts and histories as the current state of opera, alternative modes of activism, and the role of conflict within contemporary theater, VOICE R&D Season components will present an array of rich, research-based speculations around objects, ideas, and artistic practices.

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