Museum of Science Boston Awarded $2.5 Million to Support Hall of Human Life

The Biogen Idec Foundation has awarded the Museum of Science, Boston a $2.5 million grant to support its Hall of Human Life exhibition. In addition, the dynamic multi-media laboratory at the exhibit’s focal point will be named the Biogen Idec Foundation Exploration Hub. Payable over five years, this is the largest single grant awarded by the Biogen Idec Foundation to any organization.

The Museum’s largest and most far-reaching exhibition since the 1990s, the 10,000-square-foot Hall of Human Life draws from the region’s thriving life sciences and medical communities to revolutionize how visitors engage with their own biology and health.

Centrally located near the exhibition’s entrance, the Biogen Idec Foundation Exploration Hub is the heart of the Hall of Human Life. Here, visitors find Museum educators and volunteers, who provide a personal and human face to this complex and vital subject. Against a backdrop of multi-colored DNA images and blood cells, these interpreters, often retired doctors, bench researchers, and students in health and biology fields, involve visitors in the excitement of experiments, demonstrations, and dissections.