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Frick Collection opens Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes from the Hill Collection

The Frick Collection presents Renaissance and Baroque Bronzes from the Hill Collection on view January 28, 2014 to June 15, 2014, an exhibition of thirty-three statuettes that represent Janine and J. Tomilson Hill’s more than twenty-year engagement with the art form. The bronzes, which have never before been publicly shown as a group, date from the early sixteenth to the eighteenth centuries, from the inception of the genre in Renaissance Italy to its last flowering during the late Baroque period. Many of them were created by such renowned sculptors as Andrea Riccio, Giambologna, and Adriaen de Vries, while others were made by lesser-known northern artists such as Caspar Gras and Hans Reichle, whose talents have only recently begun to be appreciated.

In keeping with the residential character of the museum founded by Henry Clay Frick, where sculptures are situated among paintings and decorative art objects, the Hills’ bronzes will be shown alongside selected Old Master and contemporary works in displays that reflect the couple’s diverse holdings and refined collecting sensibilities. – See more at: