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Malmo Konsthall announces Lars Englund: Sculpture

Malmo Konsthall presents Lars Englund: Sculpture on view 5 April–15 June 2014.

Lars Englund has chosen this quotation from Omkonst by Susanne Slöör to describe one on the works from the series “Borderlines”:

“The magnificent air globe that forms part of the heart of the exhibition is transformed into a powerful ritual sword dance, in which only the cuts in the air are visible, in alternating green and orange. But whereas the laser duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker or battles in films like Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon tend towards overwrought kitsch, Englund’s dance with the blades is as pure and pared down as a haiku poem. The sudden movements and intricacies of the airborne rhythms arise when the regular shapes are placed closely together and the visual depth is eliminated. In my view this is a magnificent display of how we can display the impulse towards life. That life which is created and recreated out of the repetition of the small component, under the influence of the spirit’s structure and the body’s manufacture in constant mutual exchange.”

Lars Englund (b. 1933) lives and works in Stockholm and Jonstorp, Skåne. He is an autodidact and has had many exhibitions in Sweden and other countries since 1949.

Malmö Konsthall
S:t Johannesgatan 7
SE-205 80 Malmö