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MUSEION of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano presents Tatiana Trouvé I tempi doppi

MUSEION of Modern and Contemporary Art Bolzano presents Tatiana Trouvé
I tempi doppi an exhibition on view 24 May–7 September 2014.

The Italian-born artist, who lives and works in Paris, is known for installations designed to draw the visitor into haunting situations that oscillate between the real, the imaginary and the illusory, and question our sense of space and time. The title of the exhibition alludes to the intrinsic duality of the artist’s work, where the rational and the irrational, the mind and the senses, are inextricably linked. The fourth floor of the museum hosts the large installation 350 Points towards Infinity (2009), in which 350 slender plumb lines hanging from the ceiling mysteriously appear to be pulled in different directions. The arresting presence of the work, which evokes a shower of metal raindrops, hints at the concealed presence of some kind of chaotic forcefield. Indeed Trouvé’s works often conjure up alternative worlds, enabling visitors to envision hidden, parallel dimensions, and experience the unsettling feeling that things are not quite as they seem.

Many of the artist’s pieces reflect her ongoing fascination with architecture, and when working on an exhibition she interacts closely with the structural elements of the venue, opening up new dimensions in our perception of the space. This is the case of the work From here I disappear, a tantalising series of plexiglass doors that form a threshold we can only cross mentally, yet that opens a vista of multiple possibilities. Another theme that characterises Tatiana Trouvé’s work is the exploration of time, and forms of temporality. The exhibition includes the work I cento titoli, set to change its title every year for one hundred years, starting in 1968, the year of the artist’s birth. The piece is thus both physically present, in the form of two hefty cast bronze suitcases, and intriguingly projected into the future, containing the promise of times, venues and viewers to come. MUSEION’s programme thus continues with its exploration of the languages of contemporary sculpture, highlighting this artist’s extraordinary ability to draw visitors into a universe of possibilities: an opportunity not only for visitors but also for the museum itself, as an institution in constant growth and transformation.

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia

The exhibition is a cooperation with Kunstmuseum Bonn (30 January–4 May) and Kunsthalle Nürnberg (13 November 2014–8 February 2015).

MUSEION of modern and contemporary art Bolzano
Via Dante 6
39100 Bolzano