Tin Can Transmissions: Ten Years in the Making

Telegraph_ArtSceneFEBRUARY 14-MARCH 28, 2015
Opening Reception: Saturday, February 14 4-7pm
Gallery Lecture: Monday, February 16 10am

“Tin Can Transmissions: Ten Years in the Making”, marks the ten-year anniversary of a nebulous and divergent collective of artists called Telegraph Art Collective. Comprised of seven members with diverse disciplinary backgrounds, Telegraph is an artist collective that originated in Detroit, Michigan. Telegraph Art Collective is: Hartmut Austen, Haley Bates, Fabio Fernández, Shannon Goff, Tom Lauerman, Brent Sommerhauser and Christian Tedeschi.

The name Telegraph describes both the group’s long-distance method of collaboration (the members are now scattered throughout the USA), and pays homage to Telegraph Road, the ubiquitous Detroit thoroughfare. The collective functions as a running conversation, typically conducted at long range. Occasionally the group materializes and collects in one location to collaborate on projects and exhibitions.

This exhibition will involve a variety of objects, installations and interventions created entirely on site. Utilizing the CSUN facilities and working closely with student artists, members of Telegraph will respond directly to the site and it’s conditions. The artists will be in residence in the CSUN Art Galleries ten days prior to the opening of the exhibition and will be hosting workshops and lectures as the exhibition unfolds.

Telegraph made its exhibition debut at the Art Chicago Stray Show in May 2004, and has since organized several exhibitions scattered about North America. The artists of Telegraph continue to exhibit individually at galleries and museums both nationally and abroad.