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100 Days of Fun kicks off May 22 at Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – The weather has finally warmed up, school is winding down and the fountain is ready to be turned on at Union Terminal. All of that can mean only one thing: Cincinnati Museum Center is kicking off its 100 Days of Fun ! With so much going on at Cincinnati Museum Center this summer, it’s a good thing we’ve squeezed an extra 9 days into this year’s 100 Days of Fun. Whether you’re looking to fill up your summer calendar or just need to fit in a few activities between summer camps and vacation, there’s no shortage of things going on at Cincinnati Museum Center this summer. The 100 Days of Fun kicks off Friday, May 22 as the fountain springs to life for the season at Union Terminal.

The fountain in front of Union Terminal has been a sign of summer for over 80 years in Cincinnati and this year is no different. Presenters from the Museum of Natural History & Science, Cincinnati History Museum and Duke Energy Children’s Museum will be demonstrating some of the activities guests can look forward to this summer, including exploring the physics of baseball, stepping back in history with costumed interpreters and performing kid-friendly yoga on the lawn. Several young visitors will lead the countdown as Cincinnati Museum Center welcomes the arrival of summer with a geyser of water amid fanfare and music at 11 a.m. on Friday, May 22.

Science of Sports opens May 23

We’re also kicking off the summer by opening our new exhibit Science of Sports on May 23. Lace up your tennis shoes, stretch out those muscles and work up a physical and mental sweat. This exhibit challenges your body and mind as you explore how incredible feats of athleticism are just science at work. Race your friends in a 10 meter sprint, see if your fastball is worthy of the majors, test your balance on a 10-cm balance beam or step in front of a green screen for a game of basketball, volleyball, soccer or hockey. Don’t worry if you didn’t break any records because Science of Sports will also teach you about the science behind these athletic feats.

Crawl in for BugFest June 6

BugFest is back this summer as we celebrate creepy crawlers from around the world on June 6. Join scientists and experts from across the community as you meet and hold bugs from around the world, learn about how vital they are to our ecosystem and also which animals feast on insects. And for those brave enough, you can even eat bugs yourself! Try a chocolate-dipped scorpion, cheddar-flavored crickets or mealworm brownies.

Free Fridays are back June 12, July 24, August 21

Free Fridays are back again this year thanks to support from Rosemary and Frank Bloom, Chemed, Paycor and Digital Media Group. Cincinnati Museum Center is opening its doors free of charge from 4 to 8 p.m. on June 12, July 24 and August 21. Escape the heat of the summer nights by exploring the dark corridors of the cave in the Museum of Natural History & Science, cool down at the waterworks in the Duke Energy Children’s Museum and walk under the 1860s street lamps on the public landing in the Cincinnati History Museum. Free Fridays aren’t just part of 100 Days of Fun, though. Cincinnati Museum Center will also host Free Fridays on September 11 and October 23.

Dogs bring science to life during FutureVet June 20 and July 18

Dogs are also getting into the mix during 100 Days of Fun. With the support of Banfield Pet Hospital® , Cincinnati Museum Center is hosting FutureVet, an interactive program that gives kids the opportunity to meet some furry new friends and to learn how to take care of them from a real veterinarian. From 11 a.m. to noon on June 20 and July 18, kids can meet service dogs and real vets in the Duke Energy Children’s Museum. After completing the FutureVet program, kids and parents attend a mini graduation ceremony where they receive special diplomas and stethoscopes from Banfield. Don’t miss this dog gone good time.

1940s Weekend swings in August 15 & 16

You can step back in time during 1940s Weekend on August 15 & 16. Listen to big band music and dance along during the sixth annual Cincy Lindy Exchange featuring over 120 dancers from more than 10 states dancing the Lindy. Grab a front row seat at the boxing ring as boxers lace up their gloves and give a taste of the sweet science that was so popular during the 1940s. Classic cars will once again be a common sight in front of Union Terminal and World War II soldiers will roam the dome as they did 70 years ago. A series of films and newsreels along with educational activities and historical displays make this a can’t-miss weekend.

Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire returns to Union Terminal August 29 & 30

On August 29 & 30, innovation takes center stage during Cincinnati Mini Maker Faire. Amateur and professional inventors, artists, chemists, DIYers and performers will turn Cincinnati Museum Center into a playground of electronics and gadgets. There will be large spectacles as well as focused workshops during this (sometimes) explosive event sure to ignite your imagination. You can also shop for handmade items in the Mini Maker Market.

Treasures of Our Military Past honors over 220 years of service

As if all of that’s not enough, there’s also two additional special exhibits open this summer. Treasures of Our Military Past , open through September 20, honors the men, women and organizations who have turned the tides of war and battled injustice around the globe for over 220 years. The exhibit offers a look inside Cincinnati Museum Center’s vast collections to tell the story of these men and women through uniforms, weaponry, equipment, photographs and documents that range from the days of Fort Washington in the 1780s to the recent wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. The exhibit also includes the Holt broadside printing of the Declaration of Independence , one of only four in the country and a piece of Museum Center’s collections since the 1870s.

Legends take the field in free exhibit Queen City Baseball: Diamonds and Stars

Queen City Baseball , open through September 7, tells the story of baseball in Cincinnati, from the early days of the 1869 Cincinnati Red Stockings to the 1990 World Series Champions, and the many professional and amateur teams in between. Artifacts, archival documents, video and sound will have you calling for the peanut man as you step into the gallery and onto the field. Items included in the exhibit range from 19th century players contracts and payment records to autographed baseballs, bricks from Redland/Crosley Field and baseball cards from the early 20th century.

Experience epic adventures with OMNIMAX® films Humpback Whales and D-Day: Normandy 1944

If you’re looking to take a vacation this summer you can travel halfway around the globe and back in time in the five-story OMNIMAX® Theater. Humpback Whales lets you swim alongside these 55-foot giants as you follow them on a 6,000 mile journey from the icy waters off the coast of Alaska to the tropical waters of Hawaii and the Tongas. Watch as they leap high out of the water, twisting and twirling into the air, listen to their long, haunting songs and unlock some of the mysteries of these incredible creatures.

D-Day: Normandy 1944 transports you back in time to a moment that changed history and details why and how the beaches of Normandy, France, became the most important place in the world over the summer of 1944. Using sweeping panoramic and aerial footage, animation, CGI and stunning live-action images, D-Day: Normandy 1944 blends history, military strategy, science, technology and human interaction into one epic experience dedicated to those men and women who played such a large role in one of history’s most incredible operations.

It’s not too late to sign up for Museum Camps!

Looking for a little more structured learning this summer? There’s still room left in Cincinnati Museum Center’s Museum Camps. Blow bubbles using dry ice during Messy Science Camp, spend the night under the stars at the Edge of Appalachia Nature Preserve during In the Field Camp or play a Quidditch match during Harry Potter Camp. Museum Camps are perfect for kids in grades 2-9 and will expose them to Cincinnati Museum Center in a whole new way. Before and after care is also available.

There’s something for everyone this summer at Cincinnati Museum Center. Join us as we kick off 100 Days of Fun by turning on the fountain on Friday, May 22. Visit for a complete list of this summer’s events.

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