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Dive in for a whale of a week at Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – There’s something big coming to Cincinnati Museum Center. While Shark Week whips the world into a frenzy every summer, at 55 feet long and 48 tons, Whale Week promises to be even bigger. Whale Week launches August 10 at Cincinnati Museum Center with a week of old sea tales, contest and ticket giveaways.

Whale WeekWhale Week is a weeklong celebration of some of the largest creatures on earth, including humpback whales. Humpback whales, incredible marine mammals found in every ocean on earth, are the stars not only of Whale Week but of the OMNIMAX® film Humpback Whales . Join a group of scientists as they follow humpback whales from their breeding grounds off the coasts of Hawaii and the Tonga Islands to their feeding grounds in the icy waters off Alaska. Often called ocean’s acrobats, see humpbacks leap high out of the water, twisting and twirling in a dazzling show of agility and strength. Learn the answers to how they strain krill and small fish through hair-like baleen, why they sing their low haunting songs and why they migrate more than 6,000 miles every year in this breathtaking underwater OMNIMAX® adventure.

Salty Jack shares his old sea tales

If it’s a sea tale ye be wantin’, then Salty Jack has a few. Check back every day during Whale Week for a new old sea tale as told by Cincinnati Museum Center’s very own Salty Jack. From stories of rough seas off the coast of Alaska to the calm waters and sunny shores of Hawaii, Salty Jack will teach you a thing or two about humpback whales and the wily grit of a man whose first love is the sea. Tune in to Cincinnati Museum Center’s social media channels each day for another old sea tale.

#TalkLikeAWhale contest

You can tell your own sea tales by talking like a whale and joining the #TalkLikeAWhale contest. Humpback whales sing beautiful songs lasting up to twenty minutes and traveling several miles through the ocean. Recordings of their songs were even placed aboard the Voyager spacecraft and sent across the galaxy in 1977. Win a humpback whales prize pack including tickets to Humpback Whales by posting your own #TalkLikeAWhale video. Click here to enter your video. The #TalkLikeAWhale contest is open August 10 – 16.

Join Cincinnati Museum Center for Whale Week and celebrate these majestic underwater mammals. Whale Week is August 10 – 16. Follow Salty Jack’s old sea tales and vote on your favorite #TalkLikeAWhale video on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

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