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March is Mars Madness at the Museum of Flight

Weekend presentations and lectures look at our missions to the Red Planet

SEATTLE – Mars drives the Museum mad in March with planetary scientists, engineers, space geeks and all manner of people attracted to the Red Planet. Every Saturday in March, the Museum offers lectures from experts in the exploration and study of Mars.

Mars. NASA.
March 4, 2 p.m.
Interplanetary Propulsion’s Got Sol: From Hydrazine to Dual-Mode “Green” Thrusters
Angela Kimber
Mining the Way to Mars
Tyler Valentine
Both presenters are undergraduate researchers in the Advanced Propulsion Laboratory at the University of Washington, and they are cofounders of Scholars Pursuing Academic and Celestial Exploration (SPACE).

March 11, 2 p.m.
The Science and Engineering of Getting People to Mars and Back
Roger Meyers
Former NASA and Aerojet Rocketdyne rocket scientist Roger Meyers takes us on a technical journey of a round trip to Mars.

March 18, 2 p.m.
Mars 101: Know Your Missions
Carla Bitter was a manager on NASA’s Phoenix Mars Lander Mission. Here she offers a family-friendly, fast-paced presentation about Mars-complete with Red Planet prizes.

March 25, 2 p.m.
Mars 201: Mission Accomplished
Dr. Sanlyn Buxner
Buxner is an Education Specialist and Research Scientist from the Planetary Science Institute in Tucson, Arizona. The Museum’s Mars Madness ends with Buxner highlighting the outstanding achievements and magnificent failures during over 40 years of Mars science and engineering missions.

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