Jimmy Robert – European Portrait Opens at PEER

Jimmy Robert’s European Portraits opened on 23 June marking the first anniversary of the Brexit vote, exploring ideas of inclusion and exclusion, belonging and identity and how these are constructed.

Robert foregrounds the physical division between PEER’s two gallery spaces in an installation that integrates a series of intimate text portraits written by the artist and a new sound work by Ain Bailey, alongside three consecutive evenings of live performance in the gallery in late June. The focal point of the performance is the substantial doorway and entry/exit point that conjoins the two rooms where Robert moves within and through, a constricted space of both transience and infinity while handling the drapes and folds of a large-scale fabric-printed image from a 16th century Bronzino portrait.

A film of the live event is available on the PEER website and the audio/visual elements of European Portraits are presented as a gallery installation.

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Full title: Portrait of a Young Man
Artist: Bronzino
Date made: probably 1550-5
Source: http://www.nationalgalleryimages.co.uk/
Contact: [email protected]
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