State apprenticeship navigator visits the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum

Jane Sinclair, apprenticeship navigator for the Division of Workforce Development & Adult Learning with the Maryland Department of Labor, Licensing & Regulation, recently paid a visit to the Chesapeake Bay Maritime Museum in St. Michaels, Md., to meet several of its current Shipwright Apprentices. Pictured with Sinclair (far right), are CBMM apprentices Stephen North, Zachary Haroth, and Moses Dane.

CBMM’s Shipwright Apprentice Program is on-the-job training in the form of a professional apprenticeship that provides the opportunity to work on a wide variety of Chesapeake Bay indigenous watercraft plus develop many related skills. The program provides the skills and experience of a working shipyard for apprentices ranging from those with little or no experience, to ones coming out of wooden boatbuilding schools and programs. The majority of apprentices completing CBMM’s Shipwright Apprentice Program have taken jobs in the boatbuilding or maritime industries, working in commercial shipbuilding yards or small boatyards around the Bay. Among CBMM’s shipyard team, three of its leaders and three current shipwrights have gone through the program.

CBMM offers formal four-year apprentice certifications, developed in line with U.S. Department of Labor Employment and Training Administration standards, and registered with the Maryland Apprenticeship and Training Program, a division of Maryland DLLR’s Workforce Development and Adult Learning. To learn more, or to apply for an apprenticeship, visit