Special Agent Recalls Sleuthing for Missing Moon at the Museum of Flight

SEATTLE – On May, 4 Joe Gutheinz, aka The Moon Rock Hunter, will talk about on his journey to locate and recover some of the most valuable items on Earth–Apollo-era Moon rocks. Gutheinz will detail his undercover law enforcement sting operation, Operation Lunar Eclipse, where with the help of billionaire H. Ross Perot and a team of Federal Agents he recovered Apollo 17’s “Honduras Goodwill Moon Rock” that was illegally on the market for millions of dollars.

After retiring from NASA Office of Inspector General, Gutheinz and 1000 of his graduate students have helped find an additional 78 Apollo moon rocks, at least three of which were brought home by U.S. governors upon leaving office. The 2:30 p.m. program is free with Museum admission.

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