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Unicorn Museum Launches Virtual Summer Camps

Beginning Aug. 3, The Unicorn Museum will be hosting a virtual summer camp for children’s ages eight to 12 years-old.

As The Unicorn Museum continues to adapt in the face of the COVID pandemic, the interactive pop-experience has found a new way to offer an immersive adventure for younger fans to enjoy from the comfort of their own home. The week-long virtual summer camp will be divided into two sessions offered over the course of two-weeks. Each session includes a custom personalized “TUM Supply Box” shipped to the camper’s front door. The first session will take place from Aug. 3 – Aug. 7, followed by the second session taking place from Aug. 10 – Aug. 14.

The Unicorn Museum will be offering three summer camp options:

Theatre Camp: Theatrical unicorns will have fun learning the magic of theatre. With fun virtual group improv games, exciting playwriting sessions and an imaginative set designing workshop, campers will end the summer on an enchanting note. The live component of this session is being offered in the mornings from 9:00AM – 1:30PM.

Science Camp: Curious unicorns will have fun learning more about the magic behind science. Each virtually led science project comes with a fun surprising creative twist. The live component of this session is being offered in the mornings from 9:00AM – 1:30PM.

Arts and Crafts Camp: Our creative unicorns will have fun bringing magical ideas to life with our virtually lead arts and crafts projects. The live component of this session is being offered in the afternoons from 12:00PM – 4:30PM.

“We are thrilled to be bringing the magic of unicorns to the comfort of people’s homes,” said Naidine Conde, The Unicorn Museum’s program and marketing manager. “While we continue to prepare our museum for a COVID-free environment where our unicorns can roam free, we will be launching many other exciting virtual programs for all our creative dreamers to indulge in.”

The camps will be live through Zoom and will include access to recorded sessions, so campers can watch and participate in their own time. Each session will also include an hour and a half of a health and wellness session.

About The Unicorn Museum
The Unicorn Museum will awaken your inner sense of wonder through immersive inspiring experiences that re-new your belief in magic. We are a pop up interactive museum, designed to be a culturally inclusive environment and community, inspiring human connection through the magic of unicorns.

Join us on a guided adventure through a story book come to life. More than just an Instagram photo-op, The Unicorn Museum is an immersive experience that stimulates the senses, stirs imagination, and leaves you with one important question – do you believe?

A band of artists and dreamers who dare to envision a better world – full of color, kindness, creativity, and of course, unicorns.

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