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Thomas Huenefeld gift jump starts future exhibit at Cincinnati Museum Center

CINCINNATI – Thomas Huenefeld has made an impact on Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) for six decades. Now, with a substantial gift toward the upcoming Made in Cincinnati gallery, his impact will endure for future generations.

“We are forever grateful for Tom’s contributions that have helped create the museum and history collections we utilize today and are helping us build the museum of tomorrow,” said Elizabeth Pierce, president and CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “His generous gift is the catalyst for a new exhibit that will instill a new generation with civic pride and joy for our regional history that Tom enthusiastically shared with others.”

Huenefeld, the well-known Cincinnati history advocate and banking industry leader, passed away in early 2020. His connection with CMC dates back nearly 60 years. His first gift was to the Cincinnati Historical Society in 1961, the predecessor to CMC’s Cincinnati History Museum and Cincinnati History Library and Archives. He later served on the Cincinnati History Advisory Board and became a lifetime Member of the Cincinnati Historical Society in 1961 and, in turn, CMC in 1991.

“A fourth-generation Cincinnatian, my dad always had a special place in his heart for Cincinnati, its history and Cincinnati Museum Center. He was glad to have an opportunity to help the museum spread the word and build enthusiasm,” said Amy Huenefeld Tyrrell. “His vision was for this exhibit to be an inspiration not only among the surrounding community, but also to others who visit Cincinnati Museum Center.”

Made in Cincinnati will celebrate the Greater Cincinnati region’s innovative spirit by highlighting the manufacturers, tinkerers, makers and industry leaders who powered Porkopolis, the Queen of the West and today’s modern tech hub. Among interactive object displays, detailed environments and personal narratives, guests will be able to prototype new inventions and assemble iconic pieces of the region’s manufacturing triumphs. In the gallery, guests will experiment with machine tools, chart a river course from factory to market or plant the seeds for our region’s next great innovation as the past inspires the future. Made in Cincinnati literally lets guests make history.

Design work on Made in Cincinnati will begin later this year with the gallery scheduled to open in 2022. CMC is hoping Huenefeld’s donation and spirit of giving will inspire other history advocates to make their own financial contribution to the gallery and history collections.

“Tom’s support is the building block for our efforts to fully fund, design and construct the Made in Cincinnati gallery that will showcase the evolution of innovation and manufacturing in our region,” said Scott Schuster, vice president of philanthropy at Cincinnati Museum Center. “We can’t thank Tom and his family enough for their commitment to the future of Cincinnati Museum Center and we hope others will share Tom’s passion for history and follow his example by supporting our campaign for the future.”

Those interested in donating can contact CMC at [email protected].

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