Asteroid Hunters crashes into OMNIMAX Theater at Cincinnati Museum Center

Far from any quarter-cued arcade game, Asteroid Hunters introduces new heroes in a cosmic struggle of hide and seek. Asteroid scientists – the best line of defense between Earth and an asteroid’s destructive path – reveal the cutting-edge tools and techniques they use to detect and track asteroids, and the technology that may one day protect our planet.

“The idea of a major asteroid strike is more than just a science fiction story. The threat of an asteroid hitting the Earth is decreasing as we move farther in time from the creation of the solar system over 4 billion years ago but the recent dedication of astronomers to sweeping the skies for potential problems reveals that we are not out of the woods yet,” said Dave Duszynski, president of Mercury Museum Services, a subsidiary of Cincinnati Museum Center. “Asteroid Hunters presents this cataclysmic threat and the innovative ways in which scientists are fighting back in an immersive journey into space like only our domed OMNIMAX® theater can deliver.”

The effects of an asteroid impact could be catastrophic (just ask the dinosaurs) and while the current probability of an event in our lifetime is low, the potential consequences make the study of asteroids an incredibly important area of scientific research. Asteroid Hunters showcases the latest in planetary defense and how science, ingenuity, engineering and determination combine to explore the world’s most preventable natural disaster.

Asteroid Hunters opens August 19 in the OMNIMAX® Theater. Visit for tickets and showtimes.