Baltimore Museum of Art to Open Solo Exhibitions of Works by Contemporary Artists William Cordova, Beatrice Glow, Elle Peěrez, and Salman Toor

BALTIMORE, MD – This spring, the Baltimore Museum of Art (BMA) will open a suite of four solo exhibitions by some of today’s leading contemporary artists: William Cordova, Beatrice Glow, Elle Peěrez, and Salman Toor. The presentations, which will open in April and May, capture the ways in which these artists are exploring and revealing ideas and issues relevant to individual and communal experience, from examinations of structures of power to intimate portrayals of identity, and to the amplification of voices suppressed across history. The artists also employ a wide range of formal and technical approaches within photography, painting, sculpture, mixed-media installation, and immersive works, reflecting the boundary-pushing nature of each of their practices. Together, the forthcoming exhibitions highlight the significance of artists’ voices within our social and cultural dialogues and understandings. Specific details about each of the exhibitions, including opening and closing dates, follow below.

In addition to this suite of special exhibitions, nine galleries of the BMA’s recently reinstalled contemporary wing, titled How Do We Know the World?, will incorporate approximately 27 new works among the 55 objects that center how artists engage with the historic, social, political, and environmental constructs that shape our world. The installation, which is on view through September 2024, is organized around themes relating to expressions of care, progress, wayfinding, self-possession, witnessing, reckoning, and legacy. In April, new acquisitions of works by Emma Amos, Jonathan Lyndon Chase, Leonardo Drew, Taha Heydari, Shaun Leonardo, and Woody De Othello will be incorporated into the presentation. Several works are by artists with connections to Baltimore, including Jerrell Gibbs, Linn Meyers, Soledad Salamé, Stephen Towns, and James Voshell. How Do We Know the World? is co-curated by Jessica Bell Brown and Leila Grothe, both BMA Associate Curators of Contemporary Art.

“The exhibitions of works by William Cordova, Beatrice Glow, Elle Peěrez, and Salman Toor offer our audiences an exciting roster of experiences that highlight artistic innovation and that engage with astute explorations of the world we inhabit. I am certain that visitors will be compelled by both the aesthetic quality and intricacy of the installations, and by the dialogues and ideas that they put forward,” said Asma Naeem, the BMA’s Eddie C. and C. Sylvia Brown Chief Curator. “The upcoming group of shows also speaks to the BMA’s ongoing commitment to present a broad and diverse range of artists contributing to the development and evolution of art history.”

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Salman Toor. Walking Together. 2019. Courtesy the artist and Lurhring Augustine.