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Milwaukee Public Museum Provides First Look at Future Museum Exhibit Concept

Milwaukee Public Museum (MPM) and exhibit design partner Thinc Design unveiled sketches of the Future Museum’s Time Travel gallery, the first of five permanent galleries to be revealed through the coming months. Each gallery, or group of related exhibits, will focus on a specific overarching theme, and its many dioramas and individual features will help visitors learn about the interconnectedness of nature and culture tied to that larger concept.

Milwaukee Public Museum and its exhibit design partners at Thinc Design will be rolling out previews of each gallery from now until May 23. Each announcement will provide an inside look at a sampling of exhibits, collections items and features visitors can expect to encounter upon the Future Museum’s opening in late 2026 as the design team continues its work to identify each collections item and exhibit that will be on display. Below is a list of upcoming announcements. Additional details about announcement news conferences will be distributed in advance of each event.

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Time Travel gallery