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UMFA presents The Unique Perspective of Abelardo Morell

Cuban-American artist Abelardo Morell (born in Havana in 1948) captures the enduring magic of photography by innovatively blending long-standing and recent technologies, from the camera obscura to the digital camera. Morell’s work explores the very essence of photography, a word derived from Greek that means “light drawing.” Imprinted through light, his images record his new approaches to traditional artistic subjects of landscape and still life. He views the world around him through a constantly curious, wandering eye and from unexpected vantage points.

To capture his complex images, he employs both standard and novel tools as cameras, including a tent he uses as a darkened chamber in the format of the camera obscura. He has turned his cameras on famous vistas of American landmarks and national parks, as well as various interpretations of the floral still life. This exhibition showcases a selection of Morell’s photographs that enchant and beguile us through his unique perspective on the familiar and the beautiful.

On view: MARCH 4, 2023 TO AUGUST 27, 2023

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Abelardo Morell, American, born 1948, Flowers for Lisa #33, 2016, photographic print, purchased with funds from Dr. James E. and Debra Pearl and the Phyllis Cannon Wattis Endowment Fund for the Dr. James E. and Debra Pearl Photograph Collection