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Cincinnati Museum Center plans new space to cook up science, history and community

CINCINNATI – Some of the best conversations happen around food and Cincinnati Museum Center (CMC) knows some great learning comes from food and cooking, too. That’s why they’re launching a dedicated space and programming to engage you in the science, history and community of food. CMC’s Cr(EAT)e Culinary Studio featuring the Kroger Food Lab will open this November.

The Cr(EAT)e Culinary Studio is planned to be a versatile programming space located off Union Terminal’s grand Rotunda and will feature the Kroger Food Lab, outfitted with multiple cooking stations, including ovens and ranges. The interactive programming space will turn the kitchen into a laboratory as it explores the science behind cooking, the chemical reactions that change flavor and textures and the tactile motor skills to make it all possible. But the Cr(EAT)e Culinary Studio will not just be about food science, it will be an entry point into our region’s history, food community and world cultures.

“Food is a pathway to history, culture and memory-making across multiple generations. It creates a delicious and accessible tapestry that tells our regional and family stories,” said Elizabeth Pierce, president & CEO of Cincinnati Museum Center. “The Cr(EAT)e Culinary Studio featuring the Kroger Food Lab will use food’s unique ability to bring people together to deepen our sense of community, our understanding of science and our appreciation of history.”

The Cr(EAT)e Culinary Studio will partner with CMC staff, community partners, local chefs – including chefs from CMC’s in-house food service provider and caterer SSA – and foodies across all ages. Program participants will get to prep and cook their way through a variety of programs, from one-hour sprints to weeklong Museum Camps and will be designed for children, adults, couples and groups.

The Cr(EAT)e Culinary Studio featuring the Kroger Food Lab will open in November. The interactive programming space is another new museum experience made possible through CMC’s $112 million Champion More Curiosity campaign.

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