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Museum of Flight Art+Flight Project Opens New Installation

SEATTLE – Another new artwork will be added to Museum’s Art+Flight project on Sept. 16 with the opening of Chroma Clouds, a room-filling digital animation and projection installation created by Seattle-based artist and designer Jessica Dolence. “I’m interested in digital decoration and ornamentation in relationship to CyberFeminism and virtual interior design. I design animated wallpaper that is ambient, and subversive,” said Dolence.

Chroma Clouds was made especially for Art+Flight. “Chroma Clouds creates a fantastical atmosphere where aircraft and elements are infused with colorful schematics and shifting scenery,” Dolence explained. “While the mood of the piece is surreal and playful, it also considers how Mother Nature expresses distress during natural or man-made environmental events, with deceiving beauty, for example, how smoke from a tragic forest fire affects a sunset’s perceived color wavelengths or the sky turning green before a tornado.”

Chroma Clouds will be displayed in the Museum’s New Media Gallery until Jan. 7, 2024.

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Image: Jessica Dolence.