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Canada Invests in Heritage Infrastructure at the Museum of Health Care Building

The Honourable Jim Prentice, Minister of the Environment and Minister responsible for Parks Canada, today announced that the Government of Canada is investing in infrastructure improvements for the Ann Baillie Building National Historic Site of Canada that currently houses the Museum of Health Care in Kingston, Ontario, and is also designated as part of the Kingston General Hospital National Historic Site of Canada.

Through the Parks Canada Cost-Sharing Program, the Government of Canada will be contributing up to $70,000 to support a conservation project that will involve repairs to the windows, doors, some of the original hardwood floors, interior finishes of the building, and an updating of the electrical services.

“The Canadian Government, under the leadership of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is playing an important role in the protection of Canada’s heritage buildings and national historic sites,” said Minister Prentice. “This funding provided through Parks Canada’s Cost-Sharing Program will help to ensure that the Anne Baillie Building’s infrastructure is maintained in a manner that honours its importance as a national historic site of Canada.”

“We are thrilled that the Federal Government is funding a portion of the Ann Baillie Building’s renovations. This building’s association with the professionalization of nursing by women in the early 20th-century and its architectural qualities are a reminder of Canada’s history, and stands as an important monument to health care in Canada. By conducting these much needed repairs, we are ensuring that the building can be used to its fullest capacity for years to come.” said Dr. James Low, Executive Director of the Museum of Health Care.

Parks Canada’s Cost-Sharing Program, with a budget of $20 million provided in part by Canada’s Economic Action Plan, reflects the government’s desire to support job creation by providing funding for conservation of national historic sites.

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