Bohemian Foundation Provides Gift to Explore Music at the Fort Collins Discovery Museum

The New Fort Collins Discovery Museum, a partnership between the existing Discovery Science Center and Fort Collins Museum, announces a $2,000,000 capital gift from Bohemian Foundation for exciting and highly engaging music and music related exhibits. Bohemian Foundation will also provide additional funding to support the ongoing operations and curation of the music experience at the museum.

“Typically, music is displayed in museums as artifacts within a collection. Similarly, museums often have a hard time with an open-ended experience,” said Annette Geiselman, Discovery Science Center Director. “This gift will create an opportunity to blend science and cultural history, all with an open-ended exploratory approach.”

“Our community is in a position of opportunity. The new museum experience that we are designing is garnering national attention,” said Cheryl Donaldson, Fort Collins Museum Director. “Community donors and regional funders recognize the potential. And now, this local support from Bohemian Foundation raises the bar and supplements our capital campaign with a more in-depth experience than we had originally envisioned. The gift offers an exciting opportunity to deepen and enhance the music zone.”

The $2,000,000 gift provides a very special opportunity for our community. Through custom exhibits featuring the richness of music in our lives, the museum will be able to connect to a greater range of visitors in a much more intimate way than would be possible otherwise.

“Bohemian Foundation recognizes the compatibility between music and the museum experience: discovery, the manipulation of sound, self-expression and the collective sharing of music — these different elements allow visitors of all music abilities and backgrounds to each have a meaningful experience,” said Cheryl Zimlich, Board Member, Bohemian Foundation.

The new museum is slated for groundbreaking on September 11, 2010, and is a proposed 43,000 square feet. The content of the new museum will be an exciting interpretation of themes that are relevant to the community: science, culture, music, energy and sustainability, water and more. The museum will also include an exciting new feature: a fully immersive digital dome theater. The new museum will be located at the nexus of the future growth of old-town at the corner of Cherry and Mason streets in Fort Collins, adjacent to the Lee Martinez Farm.

To date, the partnership has secured $ 21,300,000 of an estimated capital budget of more than $24,000,000 and will continue to fundraise locally and regionally to complete the project as envisioned.

“Bohemian Foundation’s vision and dedication to the community and music allows us to provide a unique offering to our community.” said Annette Geiselman, Discovery Science Center Executive Director. “This gift adds a depth to the musical interpretation not previously a part of the exhibit design. From experiencing the science of wave forms and vibrations to the cultural impact that music has had in our history and current lives, to the impact the creation and sharing of music has on each of us, this gift allows us to tie it all together in one dynamic zone,” said Geiselman.

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