Tulare Historical Museum Presents Varian Mace: Abstracts

Varian Mace, well-known Visalia artist, will display a collection of her abstact watercolor paintings in an upcoming exhibit at the Tulare Historical Museum.

“Varian Mace: Abstracts” is open through October 30, in the Heritage Room.

At first glance, Varian’s watercolors look as life-like as blooms bursting forth in your own garden. Yet closer inspection reveals a lively organism of numerous inner-working shapes. Dropping several colors into a single shape during various stages of the drying process produces a spectrum of rich hues. Salt and other materials are introduced to small, controlled areas to add texture. The space behind the subject is also divided into numerous shapes, which contrast with the foreground, creating a multi-dimensional effect. Overall fine-line detailing draws together these delicate components into one vibrant whole. Many of her abstracts reflect an anti-gravity quality – with the subjects seeming to take flight, as if floating toward unforeseen destinations. She received her BA in art from the University of California, Berkeley in 1960.

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