Museum Folkwang Presents Ideal Landscapes and Reality 19th Century Drawings and Aquarelles

The Museum Folkwang presents Ideal Landscapes and Reality. 19th Century Drawings and Aquarelles, open 6.11.2010 – 16.1.2011.

Apart from Expressionist graphic works and contemporary works, 19th century drawings and printed graphic works forms a third focal point within the Grafische Sammlung of the Museum Folkwang.

Therefore, the last of the Grafische Sammlung’s exhibition in the Cultural Capital Year – after Wishes and Acquisitions. Contemporary Drawing and Schlemihl Wozzeck Lenz. Expressionist Series, concentrates on these holdings.

Especially worthwhile was a look at the considerable, and extensive group of drawings and aquarelles on the theme of landscape and nature – as these works show a juxtaposition of two different conceptions typical of 19th century depictions of landscapes: on the one hand a continuation of traditional principle of the ideal landscape, which can often include a mythical event, and on the other the desire to reproduce a real situation as precisely as possible.

The exhibition presents around 75 works by 30 artists from German speaking countries from a period between 1785 and 1898, including works by Caspar David Friedrich, Friedrich Preller the Older, Ludwig Richter and Adrian Zingg.

Image: Caspar David Friedrich Das Felsentor im Uttewalder Grund um 1800 Sepia über Bleistift 70,6 x 50 cm Museum Folkwang

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