Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History Presents Raramuri: Runners of the Sierra Madre

The Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History and Humanities Texas present the exhibit, Rarámuri, by the noted Latina writer and photographer Diana Molina. The exhibit features stunning photographs and cultural artifcats about the Rarámuri (Tarahumara) Indians who are among the most accomplished runners in the world. Open through 31 Dec 2010.

The exhibit reflects Diana’s decade of research in the Sierra Madre region through photographs, interpretative text, and artifacts, offering a comprehensive, contemporary portrayal of Raramuri life and culture within the expanse of the canyon environment.

The Rarámuri: Runners of the Sierra Madre provides visitors with an exclusive look into the lives of the reclusive Raramuri peoples, indigenous to the canyons of the Chihuahua’s Sierra Madre. The exhibit will explore the tribe’s distinct simple way of life and close connection with nature. The displays will take a deeper look into the expert traversing skills the people have acquired when crossing through tough terrain such as mountains and foothills, which completely gives a new meaning to the word “surefooted.” The photo exhibition will include their racing tradition, Semana Santa, Matachines, the planting and harvest, education, family and other aspects of daily life.

The exhibit directs itself towards raising consciousness about the important balance of lifestyle and habitat while furthering the understanding and appreciation for the unique and exceptional Raramuri tribe. Images will focus on the lifestyle and ritual that is unique to this tribe because of its limited exposure to modern developments, while also illustrating the visible effects occurring from increased contact with outsiders. This exhibit is a celebration of the lives and traditions of the Raramuri peoples of the Sierra Madre.

Rarámuri was made possible in part through Hotel Tax Revenue funded from the City of College Station through the Arts Council of Brazos Valley, Humanities Texas and the Holt Foundation.

Image: Brazos Valley Museum of Natural History

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