Natural History Museum Brings Extinct Creatures to Life

A unique, state-of-the-art interactive film Who do you think you really are?, is now on show in the Attenborough Studio at the Natural History Museum.

Guided by Sir David Attenborough, Who do you think you really are? uses 3 independent screens, web cams and specially designed handheld devices that allow you to take part in a virtual journey back through your evolutionary past to where extinct creatures will appear to roam around you in the studio.

The interactive film uses a mix of CGI models developed with support of the Wellcome Trust, BBC natural history footage and interviews with leading Natural History Museum scientists to explore how we have gradually evolved from the earliest life form.

Thanks to an innovative partnership with BBC Research & Development, this is the first time augmented reality – the blending of computer graphics into real life – is being used in a high profile public space in this way.

Augmented reality allows computer generated images of Coelophysis, Homo erectus and an intricate tree of life to appear as if they are in the studio with you. They can be followed around, highlighting a unique life-like presence in the studio.

Image: Natural History Museum

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