Swedish American Museum Presents Dalsland goes West

The Swedish American Museum presents Dalsland goes West on viwe through Jan. 30, 2011.

The Museum will partner with the Dalsland Art Association and the Society of Artists in Dalsland for a special exhibit titled Dalsland goes West. This exhibit features 29 of the associations’ artists displaying 5 pieces each in celebration of their 75th Anniversary Jubilee. “Both Associations strive to keep the long tradition of art in Dalsland alive, and so far it is very much alive!” says artist Elisabeth Wennberg, who will contribute artwork to the exhibit.

The underlying theme of the exhibit is Dalsland’s landscape and a connection to the past–more specifically, the 33 thousand immigrants who left Dalsland for the United States (many to Chicago) from 1862 to 1930. “We think we could find an audience that would be reminded of their past, and hopefully they would find an echo of times past in the encounter with the Dalsland artists of today and their ties to the U.S.,” Elisabeth says.

Other artists in this exhibit besides Elisabeth who will be present at the opening are Monica Eliasson, Lisbeth Claesson, Gunilla Kjellstedt, Lars-Erik Ohlsson, and Liza Johansson.


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