Cardiff Story Museum to Open in 2011

Cardiff Council is creating a city museum telling the story of the city and people of cardiff. The first galleries are due to open in Spring 2011.

The museum, in the historic and much-loved Old Library building, will be rich in stories, objects, photographs and film telling the history of Cardiff through the eyes of those who created the city – its people.

Cardiff is the only major UK city without a museum to conserve its heritage and celebrate its identity

The Cardiff Story project will create a free access museum, a tourism hub and life-long learning venue promoting social inclusion and a cohesive community. The museum will support a sense of place and shared identity for the city’s populations and visitors alike as well as a signposting facility for other heritage offers in the region. The project will safeguard and create jobs in the cultural sector, providing an economically viable future for an iconic, historic city centre building.

Image: Cardiff Story Museum

The Cardiff Story
The Old Library
The Hayes
Cardiff CF10 1BH
Telephone: 029 2078 8334
Fax: 029 2023 0297
Email: [email protected]

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