Manitoba Museum Ancient Seas Exhibit Wins Award

The animated undersea observatory won top honours for Best Scientific Visualization at the Red Stick International Animation Festival in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The exhibit was also selected as WHERE Magazine’s choice for the province’s top attraction in 2010.

Ancient Seas magically transports the visitor to an underwater environment that existed over 450 million years ago—when the Churchill area was blanketed by a tropical sea.

Dr. Graham Young, Museum Curator of Geology and Paleontology, used his personal expertise to make the rendering of Ancient Seas as realistic as possible. The curator spent more than a year consulting with the animators from Australia, experts from the Royal Ontario Museum, and universities and museums in Winnipeg, Saskatoon, Ohio, Leicester (UK), Uppsala (Sweden), Berlin, and Russia.

The Manitoba Museum is the province’s largest, not-for-profit heritage and science centre. We are renowned for our vivid portrayal of Manitoba’s rich and colourful history, Planetarium shows, and Science Gallery exhibits.

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