Walker Art Center Presents The Spectacular of Vernacular

Walker Exhibition The Spectacular of Vernacular Features Artists Who Utilize Craft, Incorporate Folklore, and Revel in Roadside Kitsch

In an era of virtual neighborhoods and fast-paced Internet communication, the Walker Art Center exhibition The Spectacular of Vernacular addresses the role of vernacular forms in the work of 26 artists who utilize craft, incorporate folklore, and revel in roadside kitsch to explore the role of culturally specific iconography in the increasingly global world of art. For these artists, aspects of the vernacular–and often specifically American vernacular–provide a platform for narratives of home life, social ritual, and sense of place. Drawing inspiration from such sources as local architecture, amateur photographs, and state fair banners, their work runs the aesthetic spectrum from sleek to handcrafted, underscoring the diverse manifestations of the vernacular within our lived environment and its impact on artists working today. The Spectacular of Vernacular, curated by Walker chief curator Darsie Alexander, premieres in Minneapolis January 29-May 8, 2011.


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