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Oakland Museum of California Presents Contemporary Coda

Works by contemporary Latino and Native artists draw on traditional Catholic iconography to contemplate the heritage of Spanish colonialism

The Oakland Museum of California (OMCA) presents Contemporary Coda, a companion installation to Splendors of Faith/Scars of Conquest showcasing contemporary perspectives on the legacy of the Spanish conquest of California.

On view, February 26 through May 29, 2011, the exhibition features 17 works by contemporary artists that address issues of immigration and regional connections across the current border; religion and Chicano identity; and the cultural survival of the Native peoples of California. Five centuries have passed since the arrival of Europeans in the Americas; however, issues persist with the legacies of this conquest. Contemporary Coda forms a coda, or end-piece, to the larger context of the exhibition Splendors of Faith/Scars of Conquest, exploring these issues and how they affect us today.

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