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National Art Museum of China Celebrates Spring Festival

The National Art Museum of China holding an exhibition of donations from the National Art Museum of China in the past five decades in a bid to present a wonderful cultural feast to the public during the Spring Festival.

The National Art Museum of China, as one of the ten architecture projects in Beijing in the 1950s, was completed and put into use in 1961. At the beginning of the construction, the museum put the collection of the exhibits into an important place. A purchase team including Liu Xian, Jiang Feng, Mi Gu and Zheng Yefu was responsible for collections of and researches on the artworks. The first group of the collections comprises a number of contemporary printmaking and six traditional paintings by Shi Lu, Lin Fengmian and Fu Baoshi respectively. In the meantime, the National Art Museum of China received a number of donations from artists, scholars and people from all walks of life. In 1961, Ju Ruowen, wife of Chen Shuren, donated a total of 116 artworks in 1961. In 1964, Deng Tuo, editor-in-chief of People’s Daily, donated 145 pieces of his collections of ancient paintings.

The donations are national treasures. The latest collections are 8 artworks by Song Buyun, professor of China Central Academy of Fine Arts and 69 artworks created by Liao Bingxiong by his daughter.

The donations are almost the most representative artworks of the artists. The collections and the donations can date back to the Ming and the Qing dynasties until the contemporary time, especially the development evolution since the 20th century. The exhibition comprises a total of more than 800 artworks with a wide range of categories donated by about 88 representative artists, such as the traditional Chinese painting, the oil painting, the printmaking, the sculpture, the sketch, the comics and the folk art.

The exhibits are of high artist value and historical value. The National Art Museum of China is a public artist organization to run the function of national collection and exhibition. As a debut to showcase the collections from the museum in a collective way, the exhibition is hoped to display the cultural fortune of the Chinese nation.

The exhibition is open until February 26, 2011.

The National Art Museum of China (NAMOC) is a national museum dedicated to the collection, research and exhibitions of modern and contemporary artistic works in China. In June 1963, Chairman Mao Zedong inscribed the Chinese-language title board of the museum, which demonstrated its position as a national art museum and the nature of its establishment. The main building features the styles of ancient Chinese attics and ethnic architecture, which is roofed with yellow glazed tiles and surrounded by corridors and pavilions.

Image: National Art Museum of China

National Art Museum of China
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