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Tech Museum Tech Silicon Valley Innovation Gallery Open

Explore the only gallery in the world that shows how Silicon Valley technologies are revolutionizing human thought, creativity, and communication. The gallery’s unique hands-on exhibits immerse visitors in digital art, virtual travel, computer animation, and nanotechnology.

In the center of the gallery is “Microchips: The Heart of the Revolution.” This space houses three exhibits that explain what microchips are, how they work, and how they have changed the course of human history. Sponsored by Intel, this mini-gallery also features videos of kids and teens explaining computer science concepts in their own words.

Outside “Microchips,” three additional exhibits demonstrate how Silicon Valley’s inventions are radically transforming all human endeavors:

“You are Everywhere” shows how Google’s innovations let everyone be an explorer and navigator. In this semicircular room of screens, visitors fly across the surface of the Earth, moon, and Mars with a mere touch of a button and tilt of a joystick. A custom version of Google Earth makes these voyages possible.

“Infinite Creativity” showcases digital tools that allow all people to create and collaborate artistically. On the exhibit’s four touch-screen canvases, visitors fingerpaint colorful lines, swirls, and shapes. A large screen then broadcasts each visitor’s artwork on a constantly evolving collage. To produce this exclusive experience, The Tech Museum worked with Adobe Foundation and Second Story, a Portland, Ore.-based design studio that creates interactive experiences with an inventive mix of technology and storytelling.

“From Math to Magic” takes visitors behind the scenes of a video game to reveal the math and science that drive modern computer graphics. Powered by NVIDIA’s latest graphics processing unit, called Fermi, the three stations explore form, lighting, texture, perspective, and the physics of motion.

The Tech Museum 201 South Market Street San Jose, CA 95113
+1 (408) 294-8324

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