Herbert Art Gallery & Museum Presents Secret Egypt

The Herbert Art Gallery & Museum presents Secret Egypt an exhibition on view through Sun 5 June.

This exhibition allows visitors to investigate the truth behind some of the most popular myths about ancient Egypt amongst displays that bring together over 200 objects from some of the most important Egyptian collections in the country.

These include an amazing colossus statue from the British Museum, a rare head of Queen Nefertiti from the Ashmolean, crocodile mummies from Bolton Museum and a gold pendant from Manchester Museum discovered by archaeologists in the hands of an ancient robber trapped in a collapsed tomb.

At the climax of the exhibition visitors are invited to explore a recreated tomb, answering ‘ Why were the ancient Egyptians obsessed with death?’ The display includes an offering chapel and a mummy of a woman called Perenbast. This is a great example of the care and respect given during the preparations for passing into the eternal life.

The exhibition will display many treasures previously unseen by the public including from the Birmingham Museum collections.


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