Levine Museum of the New South Presents Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers

The Levine Museum of the New South presents Cotton Fields to Skyscrapers: Charlotte and the Carolina Piedmont in the New South.

The centerpiece of the Museum is this award-winning permanent exhibition. Covering 8,000 square feet, the exhibit features Charlotte and its 13 surrounding counties as a case study to illustrate the profound changes in the South since the Civil War.

Visitors enjoy an interactive, hands-on experience as they tour 6 different “environments” within the exhibit.

Step inside a one-room tenant farmers house
Run a hand through a pile of seed cotton
Listen to the churning of the cotton mill
Play checkers on the front porch of a mill house
Sit in Good Samaritans Hospital Chapel, one of the first African-American hospitals in the South
Walk down main street and try on a hat in an early Belk department store
Sit at a lunch counter and hear personal accounts from local sit-in leaders

Levine Museum of the New South
704.333.1887 200 E. Seventh Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

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