Museum Invites Visitors to See the IMAX film Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World for Free With the Purchase of a Ticket to any Special Exhibition or Space Show

New York, NY – One of the world’s preeminent scientific, educational and cultural organizations, the American Museum of Natural History offers an exciting journey through time and space that will satisfy the scientific curiosity of both novices and experts. The Museum is featuring special exhibits this summer on the world’s largest dinosaurs, the human brain, the life and death of a star in the night sky and live frogs in their natural habitat. To showcase these unique exhibits, NYC & Company, the City’s official marketing and tourism organization, has named the American Museum of Natural History the Culture Spot for May. As part of this designation, the Museum invites visitors to catch its featured IMAX film for free with the purchase of a ticket to any special exhibition or Space Show during the month.

Located on Central Park West, at 79th Street, the American Museum of Natural History houses a collection of more than 32 million specimens and cultural artifacts. Home to the world’s largest collection of dinosaur fossils, the Museum showcases its collections in 46 exhibition halls, including the spectacular Rose Center for Earth and Space, the immersive Milstein Hall of Ocean Life and the world-famous fossil halls. The Museum also offers a broad array of activities for adults, children, families, students, educators and scientists, from fascinating special exhibitions, IMAX films and Space Shows to lectures, workshops and guided field trips.

“Each year, the Museum takes millions of visitors on a spectacular journey across the globe and into the universe, inviting them to explore the cultures of humanity and to experience the beauty and grandeur of the natural world on Earth and the universe beyond,” said Ellen V. Futter, president of the American Museum of Natural History. “The Museum has a wide range of offerings for people of all interests and backgrounds, from the current special exhibitions The World’s Largest Dinosaurs and Brain: The Inside Story, along with the returning favorite Frogs: A Chorus of Colors, to the world-renowned exhibition halls. The Museum also continues to redefine what it means to be a museum in the 21st century, enabling the curious of all ages to connect—whether they are visiting on site or online—to the Museum’s extensive resources in science, education and exhibition in new and engaging ways.”

“From giant creatures that ruled the sea 20 million years ago to the inner workings of the human brain, the exhibits at American Museum of Natural History will inspire wonder in kids of all ages,” said Barbara Lorber of the NYC & Company Foundation. “NYC & Company is thrilled to spotlight this New York City treasure as our May Culture Spot. We invite everyone to take advantage of the special opportunity to be amazed by everything the museum has to offer, along with a free viewing of their featured IMAX film.”

The featured film, Sea Rex: Journey to a Prehistoric World, which will run through July 3, features larger-than-life creatures that ruled the seas 20 million years before dinosaurs roamed the Earth and explores an amazing underwater universe inhabited by, among other animals, the powerful Liopleurodon and the gigantic 75-foot Shonisaurus. Visitors can see this film for free with the purchase of a ticket to the museum’s special exhibitions and Space Shows during the month of May, including these extraordinary offerings:

The World’s Largest Dinosaurs
Discover what life was like for one of the largest dinosaurs to ever walk the Earth—the super-sized, long-necked sauropods, which ranged in size from 15 to 150 feet long. Also, see a life-sized model of the 60-foot Mamenchisaurus, known for its incredible 30-foot long neck.

Brain: The Inside Story
Take an unprecedented journey through the essential bundle of neurons that is the amazing, changing human brain. Challenge your own brain with puzzles and games that probe neural connections and pathways at this family-friendly exhibition.

Journey to the Stars, a Hayden Planetarium Space Show
Academy Award–winner Whoopi Goldberg narrates this stunning journey through time and space to experience the life and death of stars in the night.

Frogs: A Chorus of Colors (opening May 28, 2011)
Explore the colorful and richly diverse world of frogs, with more than 200 frogs on display in their re-created natural habitats.

The offer is subject to availability and may not be combined with any other offer, discount or promotion. The discount coupon will be available at the Official NYC Information Centers in Midtown, Times Square and Harlem, at the Official NYC Information Kiosks in Chinatown and at City Hall, and online at from May 1, 2011, through May 31, 2011. Additional details about the special offer and the American Museum of Natural History’s schedule will be available at beginning May 1, 2011.

About the American Museum of Natural History: The American Museum of Natural History is one of the world’s preeminent scientific and cultural institutions. Since its founding in 1869, the Museum has advanced its global mission to discover, interpret and disseminate information about human cultures, the natural world and the universe through a wide-ranging program of scientific research, education and exhibition. The Museum is renowned for its exhibitions and scientific collections, which serve as a field guide to the entire planet and present a panorama of the world’s cultures.

Hours: Daily,10am–5:45pm. Suggested Admission: $16; seniors and students with ID, $12; children ages 2–12, $9; adult and child members, free. Additional charges apply for special exhibitions and shows. Location: Central Park West at 79th St. Directions: Subway: 1 to 79th St.; B, C to 81st St./Museum of Natural History. Bus: M7, M10, M11, M104 to 79th St., M79 to Central Park West. Please visit for a custom itinerary with the most updated travel information. For more information, call 212-769-5100 or visit

Produced by the NYC & Company Foundation, the Culture Spot program promotes cultural tourism in all five boroughs. By spotlighting a different arts organization each month, the program encourages visitors to discover the cultural opportunities available throughout New York City. For more information, visit

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