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American Museum of Natural History Reopens Dinosaur Exhibit

The American Museum of Natural History has reopened the famous display featuring the skeletons of two long-time combatants—an Allosaurus and a towering Barosaurus protecting her young—after a separation process that began in early August. The reopening introduced a new feature to this iconic display: an eight-foot-wide pathway that allows visitors to walk between the dinosaurs for the first time.

Museum President Ellen V. Futter leads children from Goddard Riverside Head Start Program on the first walk between the towering dinosaurs. © AMNH\R. Mickens

For nearly two months, the Barosaurus, which soars 100 feet above the floor, and Allosaurus in the Theodore Roosevelt Rotunda had been surrounded by scaffolding while necessary structural work was performed. By cutting a swath through the fiberglass and steel platform which forms the bottom of the mount, the Museum has provided visitors with a fascinating new perspective on these two old favorites.

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