Haithabu Museum Action days at the Viking houses

Haithabu Museum presents Action days at the Viking houses. The Viking Museum Haithabu is one of the most important archaeological museums in Germany. On the edge of the former commercial center of the Vikings since 2010 presents a spectacular all-new show finds and displays them in the historical context of the period 1,000 years ago.

25-26. June: jewelry from the silversmith
Saturday 25-Sunday, 26.06.2011/9-17 Clock

16-17. July: wooden boxes
Saturday 16-Sunday, 17.07.2011/9-17 Clock

23-24. July: wooden boxes
Saturday 23-Sunday, 24.07.2011/9-17 Clock

23-24. July: In the house of the comb-maker
Saturday 23-Sunday, 24.07.2011/9-17 Clock

30-31. July: A Primer is poured
Saturday 30-Sunday, 31.07.2011/9-17 Clock

20-21. August. Bronze jewelry is cast
Saturday 20-Sunday, 21.08.2011/9-17 Clock

26.-28. August: anvil, hammer and tongs – steel forging tools
Friday 26-Sunday, 28.08.2011/9-17 Clock

27-28. August: In the house of the comb-maker
Saturday 27 – Sunday, 28.08.2011/9-17 Clock

2.-4. Sept.: anvil, hammer and tong – Knife blades from the forge
Friday 02-Sunday, 04.09.2011/9-17 Clock

10-11. Sept.: pita bread from the clay oven
Saturday 10-Sunday, 11.09.2011/9-17 Clock

Daily 9-17 Clock
November – March:
Tue-Sun 10-16 Clock
(Houses closed)

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24 866 Busdorf
+49 (0) 4621 – 813 222 or
[email protected]

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