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Intel’s Museum of Me creates a “visual archive of your social life.” connect to Facebook, and the Museum of Me site downloads your Facebook data and uses the information to create a “museum” of your online life.

Museum of Me Website

Ben Popper writing about the Museum of Me on BetaBeat said ” It was disturbing to look at the smiling face of a now-deceased college friend next to a dumb office joke. It was unpleasant to watch the deep important connections I recorded on the social network thrown in with weird corporate images I don’t ever remember posting. My point is not that this isn’t an elegant and interesting use of Facebook data, but that the very personal nature of this information makes the context in which it sits extremely important.

The project is nearing 100,000 “likes” itself, so my caveat emptor may fall on deaf ears. But Facebook and Intel’s Museum of Me will certainly leave a negative association with both brands in my mind.”

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The Museum of Me was created by Japanese agency Projector Inc. The site promotes Intel’s Core i5 processors.

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