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Fundacion Proa Presents Systems, Actions and Processes. 1965-1975

Fundación Proa presents Systems, Actions and Processes. 1965–1975, on view now through 25 September 2011.

Systems, Actions and Processes. 1965–1975, is an exhibition curated by Rodrigo Alonso with more than a hundred drawings, paintings, sculptures, videos, photographs, documents and records of performances and artistic actions from a key historical period characterized by explosive creativity, intense political fervor and a redefined role of art in society.

Exhibition view at Fundación Proa, Buenos Aires. Works by Edgardo Vigo, Bas Jan Ader, Robert Smithson, Mel Bochner, Dan Graham and Víctor Grippo.

The exhibition addresses the wide and diverse range of artistic practices of that time. In words of the curator, the show explores the emergence of the notion of “system” and the way it took over the center of thought, “boosting a renewed interest in formal as well as political analysis that led many artists to reflect on both the discursive mechanisms of their activity and the functioning of society,” giving rise to a reaction “against the overestimation of gesture and subjectivity”.

The works exhibited belong to La Colección Jumex (Mexico), the Museum of Contemporary Art, Barcelona (MACBA) and several private collections, and include pieces by Dan Graham, Carl Andre, Mel Bochner, John Baldessari, Horacio Zabala, Cildo Meireles, Juan Carlos Romero, David Lamelas, Leandro Katz and Nicolás García Uriburu, among others.

The exhibition catalog includes texts never published before, academic writings and manifestos, as well as the Latin-American view on the issue, with contributions by Lucy Lippard, Lawrence Alloway, Hélio Oiticica, Roy Ascott, Andrea Giunta and Oscar Masotta, among others.

Systems, Actions and Processes. 1965–1975 is supported by Tenaris / Techint.

International Colloquium
August 25–26
Participants: Alexander Alberro, Fernando Davis, Hervé Fischer, Cristina Freire and Ana Longoni
Round table with the artists: Roberto Jacoby, Leandro Katz, Marta Minujín, Margarita Paksa, Juan Carlos Romero and Horacio Zabala

Vito Acconci / Bas Jan Ader / Carl Andre / Eleanor Antin / John Baldessari / Álvaro Barrios / Luis Benedit / Joseph Beuys / Mel Bochner / Marcel Broodthaers / Paulo Bruscky / Graciela Carnevale / Ulises Carrión / Eduardo Costa / Jaime Davidovich / Agnes Denes / Guillermo Deisler / Mirtha Dermisache / Antonio Dias / Juan Downey / Raúl Escari / Hans-Peter Feldman / Nicolás García Uriburu / Carlos Ginzburg / Dan Graham / Ivald Granato / Alberto Greco / Víctor Grippo / Douglas Huebler / Roberto Jacoby / Leandro Katz / On Kawara / David Lamelas / Raúl Lozza / Leopoldo Maler / Gordon Matta-Clark / Cildo Meireles / Marta Minujín / Antoni Muntadas / Bruce Nauman / Dennis Oppenheim / Margarita Paksa / Luis Pazos / Claudio Perna / Alfredo Portillos / Alejandro Puente / Juan Risuleo / Osvaldo Romberg / Juan Carlos Romero / Martha Rosler / Robert Smithson / Francesc Torres / Edgardo Vigo / Horacio Zabala

Fundación Proa
Av. Pedro de Mendoza 1929
C1169AAD, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
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