Hannover Adventure Zoo Welcomes Millionth Visitor

Eight days earlier than in record-breaking year 2010, Hannover Adventure Zoo was pleased to welcome its millionth visitor on August 3, 2011. The guest of honor, Katja Seeliger from Rellingen close to Hamburg, entered the zoo at exactly 9.44 am and received a special welcome gift: a voucher for an annual ticket as well as a private audience with coaty Diego for all the family.

For the 9th year in row, the Adventure Zoo has already drawn more than a million visitors to Hannover. In 2010, with the opening of Canadian landscape Yukon Bay and the birth of five Asian elephants, more than 1,6 million people visited the Zoo.

Yukon Bay and the other six theme worlds are increasingly of more than regional interest: about 60 % of all visitors are prepared to travel more than 30 minutes for a Zoo visit, 18 % are from other federal states.

„The whole team is highly motivated to repeat last year’s success”, said zoo director Frank Werner, „even the little ones, our five baby elephants, help out in the new show “mother-baby exercises” – in their own, charming way, i.e. causing disruption, getting in the way and making mischief.”

More than 3,000 animals live in the 7 theme worlds Zambezi, Jungle Palace, Meyers Farm, Gorilla Mountain, Mollywoop, Outback and Yukon Bay. The modern, naturally landscaped enclosures allow animals to withdraw from the public gaze and, at the same time, offer visitors fascinating animal encounters and enfold them in unfamiliar landscapes. Required safety barriers are basically invisible: polar bears, tigers, leopards, rhinos and hippos seem close enough to touch. Another vital part of the zoo concept are the daily animal shows and commented feedings.

Adventure Zoo with about 3,400 animals in seven unique theme worlds, numerous animal shows and commented feedings daily, free attractions such as the Zambezi boat ride, Henry’s Underwater World, jungle path, evolution trail, adventure playgrounds, petting meadow as well as regional specialties in every theme world.

Erlebnis-Zoo Hannover
(Hannover Adventure Zoo)
Adenauerallee 3
D-30175 Hannover

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